Lead walker is Chrystal White Eyes followed by Kandi Mossett (Indigenous Environmental Network), Pennie Opal Plant, and Alison Ehara-Brown both from Idle No More SF Bay

On Sunday July 17th 2016 Idle No More SF Bay organized an inspired 13 mile Refinery Healing Walk from Rodeo (Phillips 66) to Richmond (Chevron) that 125-150 people attended and marched. This was the twelfth in a total of sixteen Refinery Healing Walks that originally started during the Spring of 2014. The purpose of the Refinery Healing Walks are: 1. Clean air, water & soil 2. Safe jobs, roads, railroads & waterways 3. A vibrantly healthy future for all children 4. A just transition to safe & sustainable energy.

Idle No More SF Bay are a group of Native Americans and allies fighting for Indigenous rights, rights of Mother Earth, and rights of future generations to a sustainable and healthy environment.

The organization helps organize the American Indian community in the San Francisco Bay Area with marches and actions related to their mission. They have conducted solidarity actions with 1st Nation brothers and sisters at the Canadian consulate and other fossil fuel activities. In 2014 inspired by Tar Sands Healing Walks in Alberta, Canada Idle No More SF Bay created a series of healing walks along the refinery corridor in the North-east San Francisco Bay where there are five oil refineries.



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