San Jose Japantown Immersive May 12, 2018

Swing dancers at the Swingposium

The San Jose Japantown Immersive was a inspiring and entertaining community cultural celebration of the local performing artists, artisans, and businesses who live or work in Japan-town held on May 12, 2018. It was also the 45 year anniversary of internationally known San Jose Taiko. The event was also a way for the public to understand the history and culture of Japan-town and it’s people. The highlight of the event was the breathtaking Swingposium with Wesley Jazz Ensemble, Epic Immersive, and San Jose Taiko and the Finale with The Get Down Dance Studio, DJ Cutso, and San Jose Taiko. There were also a public art piece with art studio Arsenal, swing dance lessons, Nichi Bei Busan kimono photo booth, old black and white samurai movies, and LED uchiwa fan making.

Temari Class

Susan Watts has been teaching Temari for 34 years at Nichi Bei Busan in San Jose and learned Temari in Japan. Temari are Japanese thread balls used in handball games or displayed as art. They originated from Kemari (a football/kickball game) in China around the 7th century. The Temari class originated when Alice Tatsuno, Arlene’s mother, promoted bunka shishu (Japanese embroidery) and was certified in Japan as an instructor around the late 1970’s to early 1980’s.  Picture L-R (Rosana Lillo, student 9 years, Elma Meulema, student 1st year, Arlene Tatsuno Damron owner of Nichi Bei Busan), and Susan Watts.