Container Ship

Taken in 2013

Container ships are cargo ships that carries it’s load on truck size intermodal containers which is how the world moves most commerce like agricultural produce, electronic products, and other consumer goods. It has been said that 90% of non-bulk cargo is sent by container ships. In the early days most ship cargo was carried by bulk like grain or coal in the ships cargo hold. But in 1956 the first early container ships were built and have evolved ever since. The container ships are a slower mode of transportation and travel at a speed of 16–25 knots (30–46 km/h). Today some of the largest container ships are 399 meters (1,312 feet) in length and beam 61.5 meters (202 feet). Unfortunately the growing size of container ships, as well as, the high demand of products and inadequate financial seaport structure and organization have caused huge backlogs of products and goods worldwide.