Cistus Creticus (Cretan Rockrose)




Cistus Creticus (Cretan Rockrose) at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens


 Cistus Creticus (Cretan Rockrose) is a Mediterranean flower


Purple-pink to rose pink flowers with orange stamens (pollen bearing organ of flower)


Each flower lasts a day


Visited by bees and butterflies


Drought and salt tolerant, and deer resistant


2’ – 5’ (60cm – 150 cm) height and 2’ – 3’ (60cm – 90cm) spread





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Photograph taken at the Santa Clara Train Station and is the oldest remaining station in California built in 1863.

Caltrain provides commuter rail service from San Francisco to San Jose and continuing to Gilroy. It’s origins date back in 1863 with the San Jose Railroad Company. Caltrain was developed later in 1992 when the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board took control of it’s operations. Caltrain is in the process of modernizing it’s train system as currently it is operated by diesel train engines on standard rail tracks. The plan called CalMod is to electrify it’s tracks, operate faster trains, add service, and replace it’s cars by 2020.