Viva CalleSJ September 2022



On a very windy and rainy day many hardy and eager bicyclists rode the Viva CalleSJ in San Jose on Sunday September 18th 2022

Viva CalleSJ is a recreational program that closes miles of San Jose streets. VivaCalleSJ’s route take participants through some of San Jose’s most engaging and historic neighborhoods. The open street events brings all people and communities together to walk, run, bike, scoot, skate, and explore the city. It’s a fun, lively, and energetic event held several times a year in the Spring and Fall.

 Viva CalleSJ is inspired by similar Open Streets programs organized in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Guadalajara, Mexico, and other cities around the world. The name combines the Spanish “Viva Calles,” which can mean both “the streets live” and “long live the streets.”

 VivaCalleSJ is organized by City of San José’s Department of Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhood Services and supported by the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition.


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Last Days of Spring

The warm days in spring causes green algae to grow in size. They like warm weather in order to grow and thrive. During the springtime you can see them in the pond. Once the hot days of summer arrive scenes like this will vanish.

Persimmon Leaves


During the Springtime the leaves grow and the bees pollinate the tree. This occurs when the temperature and the soil rises during the warmer months of Spring to produce the leaves. It was just a few months before the tree lay barren without any leaves. But in another six months in October and November the persimmon tree begins to dispense fruit.



After a series of early Spring rainstorms, the flowers started to bloom. Flowers seem to like a good downpour. Catch them now to view them before there are gone.