Red Baraat, a skilled eight member band from Brooklyn, New York vigorously performed at the 2016 San Jose Jazz Festival on August 12, 2016. Some of the songs performed at the Festival included favourites Gaadi of Truth, Chaal Baby, and Shruggy Ji. They are directed by leader and dhol player Sunny Jain. The group has developed a worldwide audience because their music is very engaging, energetic, and brings people together. Sunny Jain classifies Red Baraat’s music as a combination of Brooklyn fusion mix such as North Indian bhangra, jazz, go-go (a funk style from Washington DC), funk, and hip-hop. Red Baraat members are: Sunny Jain (dhol), Rohin Khemani (percussion), Chris Eddleton (drumset), Jonathan Goldberger (guitar), Jonathon Haffner (soprano sax), Sonny Singh (trumpet), Ernest Stuart (trombone),and John Altieri (sousaphone). Please support and check out their music.

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