Denise Donatelli, a Grammy nominated jazz singer from New York, performed at the 2016 San Jose Jazz Summer Fest on Saturday, August 13th. Her evening show took people completely from their routine to enjoy the moment at Café Stritch. She magically transported the audience into her world of music with her positive energy, charm and charisma. Some of Denise’s noted songs include: 1. Soul Shadows 2. When Lights are Low 3. Ocean 4. Big Noise, New York.
Denise’s history begins from Allentown, Pennsylvania where she learned classical piano at the age of four. Later she was influenced by Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Wilson, Sarah Vaughn, Carmen McRae, and Miles Davis. The members of her band include: Geoffrey Keezer, piano, Leonardo Amuedo, guitar, Carlitos del Puerto, bass, Marvin “Smitty” Smith, drums, and Walter Rodriguez, percussion.

Article and photograph contributed by Yuki Yamakawa
Courtesy of Savant Records

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