“In this piece I wanted to create a landscape that is both grand in scale as well as intimate and close, making use of scale shifts to incorporate both a large landscape as well as flower large enough to make the viewer feel like they are Alice walking through a (California) wonderland. I wanted to take the landscape back to the period before the land was developed and celebrate the natural beauty of this place. The figures emerging from the land/seascape embrace to create the “Bay Area” and are also a celebration of the connections between those who are grown here and those who came from across the sea to help make this region what it is today.” -Lacey Bryant

Lacey Bryant is a scenic artist and enjoys when things are slightly ambiguous. She likes to create a vivid dreamlike atmosphere that includes flowers, plants, objects, and animals into her creations. In addition, Lacey incorporates nostalgia and has a unique artistic vision to her paintings.

Mural Artists: Lacey Bryant and Stephen Longoria, and Marc Wallace

July & August 2022

Sponsored by Empire Seven Studios in San Jose


lacey bryant mural mock up 7-26-2022
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